Pelosi Enraged After Capital Police Make Her Relive January 6th

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slammed the U.S. Capitol Police for ordering an emergency evacuation of the Capitol due to a skydiving display at Nationals Park, which is located nearby.

For over 15 minutes, the evacuation order was carried out until the cops discovered that there had been a “threat” from a plane carrying members of the US Army skydiving team to the stadium for Military Appreciation Day.

Today and every day, the Congressional community is grateful for the courage of our United States Capitol Police personnel. Our officers ensured the safety of all who work in these hallowed chambers by ordering the evacuation of the U.S. Capitol and diligently monitoring for a possible aircraft hazard — and we thank them for their outstanding service,” Pelosi said in her statement.

“The apparent failure of the FAA to notify Capitol Police about the pre-scheduled flyover Nationals Stadium is inexplicable and inexcusable. The needless worry caused by this apparent carelessness was particularly hurtful for Members, staff, and other staff still recovering from the tragedy at their workplace on January 6th,” she said.

“The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure looks forward to examining the findings of a thorough after-action report that determines precisely what happened today and who at the FAA will be made accountable for this inexcusable and frightening mistake,” she whimpered.

The Capitol Police typically receive a warning about flights, but they were not alerted about the plane that was en route to the skydiving demonstration at the stadium.

Many members of Congress were away from the Capitol during a two-week vacation.

Democrats seem to be emotionally scarred and forever focused on what happened on January 6th. The truth is the events of that day were not entirely our of their control. To this day it has never been explained why Nancy Pelosi did not have more security at the Capitol building given all of the warnings authorities received on the run-up to the protect. More than that, the security cam footage has never been released. If the truth is on Democrats’ side, then why keep those videos hidden?

Author: Blake Ambrose