Pelosi Demands Total Control Over The Media — It Does Not Go Well

Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) publicly went for the media for not “selling” the liberal agenda of the DNC and Biden to Americans hard enough.

Pelosi made the weird accusation during her media report this Tuesday as negotiations go on about her massive spending bills that are in Congress.

“Our latest CBS poll reveals that only around 10% of Americans say that they know a lot of specific things that are inside the reconciliation program and that the majority do not know anything at all,” said Nike Killion from CBS News.

“So do you believe you need to work harder at messaging,” she said, “and going forward, how do you sell this if in the end you have to —”

“Well I believe you could all do a better job of selling it, to be frank with you!” Pelosi said.

“But that is why whenever I come here I go through the list! Climate, family medical leave — the issues that are in the program!” she said.

Some took the weird exchange as a sign from the house speaker that the liberal media has a cozy relationship and connection to Democrats.

Pelosi then explained that Americans supported the huge spending bills even though they did not know they supported them.

“Whether they understand it or not, they do overwhelmingly support it,” she said.

She also showed disappointment that Dems were not able to get the support of moderate Democrats for their $3.5 trillion infrastructure program, but promised it would still lead to “transformative” changes at a lower price.

“We must have something that will get passed by the Senate and the House,” she ended. “I’m not requesting members to vote for something with no chance to pass through the Senate. I am optimistic that we will get to where we must be in a timely fashion.”

This comes at a time when Americans are already seeing huge inflation thanks, in part, to Democrats’ last stimulus bill. With families now hurting from higher gas and grocery prices among other things. There is also the new worry about pilot “sick outs” in response to the vaccine mandates leading to transportation delays further harming the economy.

Author: Scott Dowdy