Pelosi Called The “Greatest Threat” To Freedom — She Doesn’t Take It Well

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is coming out strong on the current Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she is the “greatest threat to Americans’ constitutional liberty in our lifetime.”

Gingrich would not back down, comparing Pelosi’s actions to dictators in his blistering comments.

He argued that Pelosi’s actions were allowed by a “cowardly caucus” unable, or scared to stand up to Pelosi.

“With the passive support of a seemingly cowardly caucus, she is acting like a dictator more like Fidel Castro,” said Gingrich in his op-ed for Fox News this Monday. “Pelosi ordered the fencing around the Capitol for months – even when her own party members were calling for the fence to come down.”

“She removed a duly elected GOP member from her committee assignments,” Gingrich said. “In the past weeks, she has forced onto the minority party which members it can have on her commission.”

Gingrich discussed how Pelosi is using her power to threaten Congress-members and their staff for not following her rules about masking up in Congress.

“Now, she is threatening to arrest members of Congress and their staffs if they don’t go along with her mask mandate which only exists by her decree,” he stated. “If her arrogance, power and destructiveness is allowed to keep growing, she will shatter the precedents of the House, harm hundreds of years of precedent reaching back to the Magna Carta of 1215, and destroy the established idea that those who create laws are still subject to them.”

Gingrich says that even with the huge power she wields, hope is not lost – and that it might still be possible to remove her through the Democrat districts that are not as rabidly supportive of her.

“The key to stopping her runs through Dem districts that are not very radical,” he explained. “There are probably 100 Dems who represent districts where giving themselves over to a Pelosi dictatorship is politically expensive – if these people understood what was occurring and why it was important. I am angered at this raw use of power to destroy the patterns which have made our House of Representatives a great bulwark of freedom.”

Author: Scott Dowdy