Pelosi Accused Of ‘Unprecedented Power Grab’

Source: House Television via AP

Both Democrats and Republicans are cautioning Nancy Pelosi away from interfering with Iowa’s Congressional election. Iowa finalized the winner to be Republican Miller-Meeks versus her opponent, Democrat Rita Hart. The race was as close as it gets. With the final count putting Miller-Meeks on top by a tiny margin of six votes. This led to a challenge being filed with the House.

But GOP Rodney Davis has said there’s no cause as to why a tiny margin should prevent Pelosi from accepting Miller-Meeks win next week. He went on to say that refusing to accept it would be a huge power grab by Pelosi. And that this action would be setting a “dangerous precedent.”

Other Republicans put out a similar statement. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst said Rita Hart is after a non-democratic solution by going to Nancy Pelosi. And that it is a direct assault on the elections system.

And even a Democrat is jumping in. Democrat Dan Kildee of Michigan has said Pelosi should let the state decide the winner. Claiming we should accept the results unless there is overwhelming evidence to support fraud. Which he claimed, he hadn’t seen in this case.