‘Pastor’ Warnock Forced Into Hiding After Brutally Attacking Christianity

Senator Raphael Warnock, who was once the top pastor at the church where Dr. MLK, Jr. preached, deleted a tweet this Easter after Christians said his tweet was “heretical.”

Warnock said people were able to “save” themselves using good works.

“Easter’s meaning is bigger than the resurrection of Jesus. Whether Christian or not, you can save yourself with a commitment to helping others,” he said in his controversial tweet, which is now deleted.

Attorney Jenna Ellis among others highlighted his comments with the word “heresy.”

“This is heresy and false. We cannot save ourselves,” she said. “The only meaning of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus. Read the Bible, “Reverend” Warnock.”

Georgia State University’s College Republicans gave Warnock a refresher from the Bible:

Others stressed that the Democrat went to Union Theological Seminary, which has been called out before as a “hotbed of liberal theology.”

Author: Scott Dowdy