Parents Furious After School’s Far-Left Project Goes Too Far

According to a report from Fox News, Massachusetts parents Marissa Silvestri and Stephen Foote have sued their child’s school district and numerous officials, saying the school officials pushed their kid to use a new name and pronouns without their consent.

According to the lawsuit, school officials first contacted the plaintiffs in Dec. 2020 after their child stated that she was depressed and “experiencing poor self-image, low self-esteem.” The parents also said they were grateful to the school for informing them. Their daughter was advised by mental health professionals.

The parents, according to the teacher, subsequently sent an email to instructors stating, “I thank you for your worry and would like to inform you that her dad and I will be obtaining her the professional assistance she requires at this time. With this being said, we want you not to have any personal talks with B. about this issue. Please let us handle this together and with the appropriate specialists.”

The parents claim that school officials erred in their duties by allowing her to alter her previously used name “more than once” between Dec. 2020 and June 2021, which they only discovered when teachers inadvertently sent an email to the parents regarding homework for their daughter that did not use her real name.

The parent also claims that the school official “continued to advise their daughter about her supposed ‘discordant gender identity,’ and went along with her new name,’ in direct violation of their explicit instructions.”

The plaintiffs state in the complaint that their daughter, who is identified as “J.S.” by the district, informed her school authorities in Feb. 2021 that she was “genderqueer,” wanted to use a new name, and that “A list of pronouns you may use. I’ve included a link so you can understand how to say them.”

The complaint charges that the school counselor responded to this email by instructing other school officials not to tell the parents about it, and that school authorities should go along with this request. The complaint further alleges that, after this point, school officials disregarded the parents’ power to direct their child’s mental health treatment and repeatedly stated that their daughter was “wonderful and brave” for stating she was actually “genderqueer” and wished to be called by a new name.

Author: Steven Sinclaire