Panic Over Major Midterm Issue–Dems Are Losing on Education

It’s no secret that most of our public schools are run by Democrats. Our education system is controlled by powerful teachers’ unions—who all but demand their members vote Democrat. This has influenced everything about our schools, including curriculum—or even if they are open.

The pandemic opened the eyes of many parents who saw how dysfunctional the American school system is. Not only did they learn it favored teachers over students, but they were shocked to find out what their children were learning. The liberal establishment did not listen to parents’ concerns over school closures and the teaching of “critical race theory.” In fact, Biden’s administration tried to brand parents “domestic terrorists” for challenging school boards.

Now, all that bad blood has resulted in a devastating drop for Democrats.

The American people have lost confidence in Democrats’ ability to manage the education of young people as primary season for the 2022 midterms begins March 1 — an issue on which they have historically won.

When asked which political party they trust to do a better job handling “education and schools,” only 44 percent of the respondents to a Washington Post-ABC News poll said they had confidence in Democrats…

Americans’ trust in the public education system has diminished greatly, particularly over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw draconian policies, indoctrination schemes, and gender theory turn school board meetings into political powder kegs, and a fast-growing parental rights movement characterized by mass organization, lawsuits, and what many believe to be a bellwether election in Virginia. [Source: Breitbart]

Only 44% of Americans trust Democrats to teach their children. That might sound high, but it is a massive drop from where that number usually is. And it strikes a major blow in the left’s platform for 2022. Democrats were already in trouble heading into the midterms. Biden’s failures, along with state Democrats’ strict mandates, have outraged Americans to the breaking point.

For Democrats to be failing on education is even more devastating. Americans will flock to the polls to reject the leftist notion that the government can provide the best education for their children. As homeschooling and school choice grow in popularity, Americans are rejecting state-run public schools.

And Democrats aren’t doing much to win back parents. As in most issues, these days, Democrats are arrogantly attacking Americans for disagreeing with them. They claim they know better than the rest of us and parents are flat-out wrong for wanting higher standards for education. The left demonizes and slanders parents who dare question their methods. The result has been a bloodbath in recent elections.

That trend will probably continue in the upcoming midterms. Americans are ready to fire liberals from their school boards and local government. And Democrats can’t even see it coming.

Author: Moe Blow