Omar Teams Up With Pelosi – Make Outrageous Demands For Spending Bill

Senators have been struggling for months to get some kind of bipartisan infrastructure plan done. It’s obvious Joe Biden’s radical, massive expansion of the welfare state is not going through. But Republicans (unlike Democrats during Trump’s administration) are willing to make a deal.

Recently, it looked like a bipartisan bill had hopes of being passed. The bill should provide money to rebuilding America’s roads and bridges (and other needed infrastructure). But, as always, Democrats aren’t willing to achieve a win for the good of the American people—without a catch.

Joe Biden threatened to veto the bill, if his other spending plan wasn’t passed. Nancy Pelosi claimed the House wouldn’t even vote on the bipartisan bill unless the other spending plan went through.

Now, it seems the rest of House Democrats will stonewall this infrastructure plan as well.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Thursday… that the bipartisan infrastructure bill has “no path forward” if it does not simultaneously move with the Democrats’ much larger reconciliation bill…

She continued, “I am willing to pass it if there is bills that are passing simultaneously. We believe this is a one-time opportunity, a generational opportunity that we have to truly create transformational policy and pass it through the reconciliation process. I don’t think it is possible for us to pass this bipartisan infrastructure bill without having the guarantee that a reconciliation bill that fully funds our priorities is going to pass as well.” [Source: Breitbart]

Not only does Omar want the toxic spending plan pushed through, but she wants it done through “reconciliation.” That is what Pelosi is demanding as well.

So, notice what they are saying. Democrats in the House will refuse to support a bipartisan bill from the Senate, unless Democrats in the Senate push through a partisan bill with no Republican support.

Does that make sense to you? Republicans and Democrats spent months coming up with a bipartisan compromise, only for House Democrats to demand they push the divisive bill anyway.

This should tell you all you need to know about Democrats. They are not interested in compromising for the good of the country. They will have their way, come hell or high water.

But Omar is right about one thing. This is their “one-time” chance to get this socialist agenda through. They know that come 2022, they will lose their majority in Congress. They will not have the votes or support to get this toxic plan done then. So, they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to have their way. Even though, none of what they want passed in Biden’s $3.5 trillion package is what Americans want.

Republicans need to walk up and see what’s happening. Democrats are not interested in simply passing a bipartisan bill that helps the country. They are using the infrastructure bill to force through the rest of Biden’s agenda. Senate Republicans need to slam the breaks on their scheme immediately, or America will be plunged into massive debt, high taxes, and a sunken economy.

Author: Matthew Graham