Officials Confirm: Chinese Takeover Is Imminent

U.S. officials are warning that China is seeking to “change global norms” while increasing its technological capacity and military abilities.

A new risk report was released by the National Intelligence Office this week, saying that China was close to almost becoming a “competitor” for the U.S.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines restated those assertions to the Senate Intelligence Committee, adding her opinion that China is an increasing risk to America’s status in global affairs.

The report discussed China’s ongoing disputes with Taiwan and their border with India. It also noted that China is possibly responsible for the hack that targeted U.S. organizations.

“China is using a comprehensive strategy to demonstrate its increasing strength and coerce regional neighbors to go along with Beijing’s desires, including its claims of territory and even claims of sovereignty over Taiwan., Haines said. “It also has great cyber capabilities that, if used, at a minimum can cause disruptions to important infrastructure inside this country.”

In addition to growing their regional influence, the report said that China will do everything it can to harm ties between America and its allies. The CCP also continues to create and push propaganda about its communist measures and is looking for new methods of disrupting democratic elections.

Officials also said we must focus on long-term solutions to increasing threats not just from China, but other nations such as Iran and Russia.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of investigations into China as the country’s threat to the U.S. continues to evolve.

Author: Blake Ambrose