Obama Lets Democrats’ Next Agenda Slip Out — An It Could End America

Former President Obama has said the shooting of Daunte Wright is proof that the country should “reimagine policing.”

“Our hearts are hurting over another death of a black man at the hands of police, Daunte Wright., the Democrat tweeted. “The fact this could happen as we are reliving the murder of George Floyd shows how crucial a complete investigation is, and how we must reimagine policing in this nation.”

Wright was shot by Kimberly Potter, a 26-year police force veteran, after she accidentally drew her gun instead of her taser. Body camera video revealed the event in the city of Brooklyn Center between officers and the suspect, Potter can be heard yelling, “Taser!”, before hitting him with gunfire.

“Holy s—. I shot him., Potter says.

The country medical examiner published its autopsy report, which said that Wright “died of a gunshot wound to the chest.”

Obama’s comments come after similar remarks from Vice President Kamala Harris who tweeted that “prayers are not enough.”

“Prayers are not all we need., she wrote. “Daunte Wright should still be alive. While an investigation is under way, our country needs healing and justice, and the Daunte family needs answers.”

Rioting has overtaken Brooklyn Center after Wright’s death as 40 people were jailed on Monday night after rioters destroyed businesses, defied curfew hours, and attacked police.

Author: Blake Ambrose