NSA Gets Help To Spy On Americans, It’s a Familiar Company You Use Everyday

In another example of how Big Tech harms the freedoms of the American public, Amazon signed their contract “WildandStormy” to give cloud computing power to the spying monolith that has walked all over the 4th Amendment.

Microsoft is protesting the contract, believing it was given unfairly to Amazon, a company that has shown it will serve the deep state whenever it can.

“We are using our legal rights and will do so responsibly and carefully,” they said.

Amazon got a $600 million contract to give cloud computing services for the CIA in 2013. They got a good-sized portion of the CIA’s C2E contract back in 2020, which brought in billions. They have used litigation to keep their top competitor Microsoft from obtaining lucrative federal contracts too.

“The NSA’s award just proves that Amazon is still the top cloud provider across the government,” said Chris Cornillie, a Bloomberg analyst. “Microsoft has come a long way and now it is a two way race in this sector, but Amazon was creating relationships and obtaining security certifications ten years ago and Microsoft is still catching up.”

This move is thought to be a part of the Hybrid Computer Initiative started by the NSA. They will essentially be handing over access to the treasure trove of data illegally obtained on Americans and foreigners to Amazon, which could be thought to be a huge national security problem considering Amazon’s connections to China.

We have reported on how the NSA has increased their illegal spying in past months, targeting conservatives like Tucker Carlson for trying to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald went on Tucker Carlson Live on Wed night where he discussed the implication of the NSA spied on Carlson’s communications.”

“Carlson had attempted to get an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, something that other popular reporters have done before. Carlson has gotten evidence revealing that the NSA leaked these details to liberal reporters as part of their smear campaign meant to harm his reputation. Greenwald believes that the NSA is guilty of criminal acts with these leaks, either unintentionally or intentionally.”

Author: Scott Dowdy