Nothing To Lose: Biden Goes Ballistic On Gun Control As Popularity Tanks

Does anybody really like Joe Biden? The media and Democrats propped him up as some kind of hero in 2020. But anyone with half a brain (that’s more than what Joe has) can see he was a stooge. Democrat voters rallied behind him, not because they believed in him, but because he was not Donald Trump.

But already Americans are regretting their choice. They are watching as Biden’s plans have tanked the economy, destroyed the border, and contributed to painful inflation. Biden, unwilling to see the light, wants to push even more spending that will put us in the hole for years to come.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Biden’s approval is rapidly declining.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers have been steadily declining of late — and some pollsters see worse to come for the president.

“It’s not a good sign for Joe Biden,” said Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates. “What we’re seeing right now are approval numbers in the low 50s … and the intensity level is only about 32% of people say they strongly approve of the job he is doing.” [Source: Just the News]

Across nearly every poll, Biden’s approval is steadily going down. That even includes left-leaning polls that tend to oversample Democrats. Americans are clearly not happy with how Biden is governing. A serous change in policy is required for Biden to recapture the interest and support of some Americans.

So, what does he do? Propose tax cuts? Negotiate better trade deals? Fix the border? Nope! He is set to announce more gun control laws!

President Joe Biden will renew the gun control push at the federal level during his Wednesday speech on crime.

The Associated Press reports that Biden’s speech will contain a mix of new executive orders and renewed calls for “Congress to pass gun legislation.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that although the focus of the speech will be on crime, guns will also be a “big part” of it.

She said that Biden is focused on “putting in place gun safety measures … using the bully pulpit but also using levers at his disposal as president.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow, this guy really is an idiot, huh? In 2020 alone, there were millions of first-time gun buyers. America’s love of gun ownership is not going away any time soon. Countless citizens want to own and responsibly use firearms to defend their homes. Not to mention those who consider it a sport and form of recreation.

Naturally, Joe Biden would make it a priority to rip guns from Americans’ hands.

Does this guy have any clue what is going on in this country? Or does he just look at the agenda the far left gives him and goes off that?

America is suffering thanks to a rise in crime and the defunding of police. Yet Biden is pushing a move that will contribute to more crime. Gun control will not stop criminals from breaking the law. But it will ensure Americans are unable to protect themselves, should the worst happen.

But there is a silver lining in all this nonsense. The harder Joe Biden pushes for gun control, the more conservative states push back. In recent months, we’ve seen many red states pass new laws protecting the 2nd Amendment. Texas became the 21st Constitutional carry state. Other states have declared themselves sanctuaries from federal gun laws.

If Biden is stupid enough to push gun control, he’s in for one hell of a fight.

Author: Peter Jones