North Korea Issues Chilling Warning To Biden Administration

North Korea has warned the U.S. is creating an “unstable situation” in the area Monday after a recent meeting between Biden and Moon Jae-In, the South Korean President.

The comment was the country’s first reaction to the meeting between the South Korean and U.S. leaders, during which the two made a joint comment and agreed to stop decades-long blocks on South Korea’s missile manufacturing.

The U.S. had prevented South Korea from creating missiles with the possibility of reaching over 500 miles due to concerns about an arms race in the region. The stopping of such restrictions would lead to South Korea creating missiles that could strike anywhere in North Korea but not reach targets in Japan and China.

In a comment on Monday, Kim Myong Chol, a government spokesman for the official news agency accused the U.S. of using a double standard because it has for decades tried to stop Pyongyang from creating such far-reaching missiles.

North Korea’s news agency said the agreement was a “clear sign of the aggressive agenda against North Korea and its disgraceful double-dealing.”

“The U.S. is wrong, however. It is a terrible error for it to put pressure on us by creating imbalance in the area as this might lead to an unstable situation on the peninsula which is now technically at war,” Kim said.

Kim also accused the U.S. and South Korea of making “clear their aggressive ambition” and said the two nations are attempting to start an arms race. He threatened that North Korea will keep increasing “its self-defense capabilities.”

The spokeswoman for South Korea’s ministry of unification, Lee Jong-joo, said to reporters that Seoul “prudently watches” North Korea’s response.

North Korea’s statement comes as Biden’s administration is creating its policy toward the nation. Officials have said Biden intends to take a different approach than President Trump’s reach out to the leader of North Korea and President Obama’s patience strategy.

During his meeting with the South Korean leader, Biden said his team is doing a review of their policy on the problematic nation with a plan to create “a sensible approach that will consider diplomacy.”

Author: Scott Dowdy