Newsom Dodges Arsenal Of Recall Bullets – But It Won’t Be Enough

It’s no secret that several notable Democratic governors are facing serious consequences right now over their COVID responses. It’s almost as if… Americans don’t want their leaders destroying the country! Governor Cuomo of New York is just a hair’s breadth away from being impeached. Governor Whitmer of Michigan is facing mounting pressure over similar scandals.

And Gavin Newsom of California is facing an actual recall effort. The movement to get him out of office surpassed the signature threshold, with a whopping 1.95 million names on their petition. Once certified, Newsom will have to face a recall election in November. Much of the backlash he is facing stems from his decision to keep the state closed for so long.

With all that hanging over his head, Newsom had to give his “State of the State” speech this week. You’d think that would be a prime opportunity to acknowledge California’s ongoing problems and reveal how it will be getting better. Nope, he just dodged it all with empty words.

California Governor Gavin Newsom delivered his annual “State of the State” address from an empty Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, hoping to rally support as he faces a likely recall election in the coming months…

And he admitted errors: “We have made mistakes,” he said. “I have made mistakes. But we own them. We learn from them. And we never stop trying.”

He added: “California — we’re not going to come crawling back, we will roar back.” Newsom also appealed to his supporters on the left, saying that when the pandemic was over, “we are not going go back to normal. Because I think we all agree that normal was never good enough.” [Source: Breitbart]

Yeah, who wants to go back to open schools, thriving businesses, and free citizens? Oh, wait, everyone in the country that’s not a crooked, power-hungry, greedy monster with a “D” at the end of their name.

Newsom admits he “made” mistakes. Are you talking about the time you forbade residents from going to restaurants, but was seen at a party of 20+ people at a local venue? Or when you continued to keep indoor dining banned, but posted a TikTok inside a restaurant? Yeah, those were pretty bad “mistakes.”

Despite the ongoing suffering felt by millions of Californians, Newsom had the gall to brag about a $15 billion surplus are the state of the year. Oh, that must mean that California is thriving, right? Um, no, it doesn’t not. That simply means CA is really good at overtaking certain industries, like tech, while continuing to keep small businesses locked down.

And while it’s nice that the government is flushed with cash, it doesn’t help the families who can’t open their doors, send their kids to school, or worship at church. Perhaps that’s why so many people have been fleeing overtaxed CA for just about any other state their feet land in (except New York).

Perhaps that’s also why a formerly popular governor is facing an embarrassing and damaging recall effort. Good governors, with thriving states, don’t have nearly 2 million residents demanding his head.

Newsom can spin it all he wants, but he can’t hide from his failures.