New Yorkers Turn On Cuomo As Scandal Continues To Grow

At the height of the COVID scandal, the media treated Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo like a hero. He even wrote a book, bragging about his “leadership,” which pretty much amounted to shutting down the state and relying on handouts from Donald Trump.

Only recently has the MSM been forced to admit Cuomo made the crisis much worse than it needed to be. His top aide revealed they covered up the staggering number of nursing home deaths, a result of his order forcing sick patients back into them. This sparked an FBI investigation. Quickly, Democrats from the state started turning on Cuomo, in apparent attempts to protect themselves.

New York Republicans are fighting for a possible impeachment. And now, Cuomo’s approval is taking a dive.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) approval rating has dipped six points since it was revealed that the administration covered up the number of coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes out of fears of a federal investigation, a Morning Consult survey released Monday found…

The survey, taken February 12-21 among 3,203 registered New York voters, showed Cuomo with 57 percent approval. While it seems positive on the surface, that reflects a six-point drop from the 63 percent approval he saw in the last survey taken prior to the New York Post bombshell…

The last survey, taken February 2-11, also showed Cuomo’s disapproval at 33 percent. That number is on the rise, now standing at 38 percent. [Source: Breitbart]

Cuomo’s problems only continued to grow as a number of New York State lawmakers claimed he tried to bully them into silence. One Democrat said the governor called him up at his home, threatening to “destroy” his career. That doesn’t seem to be going over well with New Yorkers (especially since NYC mayor threw fuel on the fire, claiming this was common for Cuomo).

Out of all the terrible decisions Cuomo and Democrats made during the pandemic, it’s interesting to see this is what hurt his approval. Cuomo, like most leftist governors, shut down schools, churches, and businesses during the pandemic. New York was brought to a standstill, perhaps worse than any other state. Many experts believe most businesses won’t be able to reopen after so many months of lockdown.

Cuomo struggled to reopen the schools, as wealthy New Yorkers simply moved away. He panicked as he saw tax revenue plummet. Yet he only recent talked about reopening some businesses, as many others drown.

But the thing that really ticked New Yorkers off is the fact that Cuomo lied about nursing home deaths, staged a cover up, and threatened a few lawmakers.

As bad as that was, you’d think they would be clamoring for change the moment he doomed their children’s futures?

I think Democrats like Cuomo were able to skirt blowback over their COVID responses, because their predominately liberal states were content with blaming Trump for all their problems. But now that Trump is gone, they have nobody left to blame but themselves. It makes sense they are turning on Cuomo now; there’s nobody else to devour!

We’ll have to see if the governor can save himself from his own supporters.