New Trump Poll Paralyzes The Establishment With Fear

A new survey has proven that Republicans want Trump to run again in 2024. The Quinnipiac poll of adults, released this week, found that 66 percent of Republicans want the former president to run again.

The poll also reported that 85 percent of conservatives want candidates who mostly are in line with Trump’s policies. This comes as Trump attempts to push ‘America First’ politicians in the upcoming midterms while also trying to remove House Republicans who joined with Democrats in his second impeachment.

Meanwhile, a new look at the media reporting of American politics revealed their continuing focus on President Trump.

Pew Research says at least 40 percent of reports about Biden also mention Trump. This has gone on despite Trump being out of office for 127 days.

Also, reports about topics unrelated to Donald Trump, such as President Biden’s spending programs, still mention the former president in 30 percent of articles.

According to some analysts, the name of President Trump is used to bring in audiences as dwindling ratings hurt the revenues of the mainstream media.

Author: Scott Dowdy