New Study Spells Bad News For Democrats

We’ve watched over the last year as Joe Biden systematically dismantled our liberty and prosperity. From the first day of his administration, Biden has gone out of his way to undo the achievements of Donald Trump. That has only led to disaster, as the country is overwhelmed with too many crises to count.

Yet, to the shock of many, Democrats (especially those in the media) have pretended like it’s business as usual. They have ignored the fires raging all around them, pretending like Biden is actually doing a good job. But most Americans have seen the light after this Summer, where Biden let COVID get out of control, gave Afghanistan to the Taliban, and issued an unconstitutional mandate.

Now, even NBC is forced to admit the reality. And Democrats are freaking out.

A new NBC poll shows that a whopping 71% of Americans believe the U.S. is on the wrong track…

“Just 22 percent of adults say we’re headed in the right direction,” Todd said Sunday on NBC. “A shocking 71 percent say we’re on the wrong track, and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.”…

Many of those who changed their minds are Democrats. Back in April, a sizeable majority, 64% of Democrats believed the country was headed in the right direction. Now, only 41% think so…

The “overarching message” of the poll is that “Americans have lost their confidence in President Biden and their optimism for the country, at least they have right now,” Todd said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Chuck Todd tried to spin the message the best he could, saying that Americans hate Joe Biden, “at least” for “right now.” Um… how do you suppose things are going to change, Chuck? With each passing month, Biden’s approval drops. He has been unwilling to do anything to win over Americans’ approval. In fact, he appears to be doing the very thing that will outrage as many people as possible.

Just as the country struggled with getting people back to work, he announced a vaccine mandate that would ensure millions would lose their jobs. His administration is full of corrupt and incompetent staff. Our nation is being hammered by a supply chain crisis, yet his transportation head was on vacation for two months.

Meanwhile, the only thing Democrats care about is passing a set of bills that would raise taxes. Do you really think Joe Biden can right this ship anytime soon?

Democrats’ belief America is headed in the right direction dropped from 64% to 41%. That is a steep decline, when you consider most Democrat voters like to stick their heads in the sand and ignore reality. For that majority of them to agree Biden has derailed the nation proves that this is a train wreck that nobody can fix.

Honestly, that number should be much lower. But Democrats rarely like to admit when they are wrong.

Yes, Americans hate Biden “right now.” I don’t see that changing at all. Mainly because, Biden is unable and unwilling to change himself.

Author: Sam Jones