New Study Proves Liberal Media’s Dependance On Trump

It was a sad day for the liberal media when Donald Trump left the White House. Not because many of them supported his presidency. But because many of those outlets thrived because of non-stop coverage of Trump and his administration.

Trump himself said he was a gift to the dying, legacy media. Companies like CNN and MSNBC were able to build an audience of Trump haters–and daily coverage that slammed the America First president helped keep them afloat.

Yes, it was odd that this was the thing keeping these media outlets going. But even they knew it.

So, what is a corrupt, fake media outlet to do when their key moneymaker is leaving the news? Continue to talk about him, of course! And that’s just what the left did–even to the point of overshadowing Biden.

The Pew Research Center analyzed all the media coverage of President Joe Biden’s first 60 days, which ended March 21, including left-leaning, right-leaning, and “mixed audience” news outlets and found that Donald Trump cropped up in media reports across the board. Trump’s dominance of Biden’s news cycle ran from the first day until the last day of the study, Pew found.

Trump figured into 72% of all stories the first week of the Biden presidency, and as many as half of all stories for the first six weeks of the newly inaugurated Biden-Harris administration. [Source: Daily Wire]

Imagine being such a dull and unimpressive figure–even as president–that the media would rather talk about the guy who came before you!

But the liberal media really had no choice. They built a reputation for over 5 years that they were the “anti-Trump” networks. You just can’t flip a switch and expect that to change. And on top of that, very few of their audience really wants to know what Biden is up to.

Nobody elected because they thought he’d be a good president. And nobody on the left really wants to be daily reminded of what an idiot Joe is. They’d rather look back at Trump and try to squeeze out any last remaining drama they can from his first term.

More than that, the media can’t really be as critical of Biden as they were of Trump. This is the guy they helped conspire to elect, after all. If they were even a fraction as cruel to Joe as they were to Trump–he’d already be out of office.

But all this looking back at Trump has not helped their ratings. Reports indicate that CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal outlets are hemorrhaging viewers. Despite all their continued Trump-bashing, their audience is dwindling. Trump-hating Democrats just aren’t interested in hearing about the “good old days” when a man was in the White House actually doing his job.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the corrupt media. They wanted Trump gone, but with him gone they are losing big time. Even continued coverage of Trump has not helped them retain viewers.

Perhaps they’ll be happy, if Trump returns?

Author: Jason Smith