New Study Finds The Easiest Way To Fight Covid (Democrats Want This Censored)

A new study has discovered that simple aspirin might be able to guard COVID-19 patients from high levels of risk, including the need for ventilation, the Jerusalem Post said.

New research coming from George Washington University has said that treating coronavirus patients with aspirin lowered their risk of extreme illness by about half.

The report said that an aspirin regimen in over 400 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the U.S. lowered the need for ventilation by 44%, reduced the ICU admission by 43%, and slashed the overall mortality rates by around 47%.

Dr. Jonathan Chow, one of the study’s leaders, said, “As we learned about the relation between blood clots and covid, we understood that aspirin — which is used to prevent strokes and heart attacks — might be important for covid patients. Our research discovered a link between lower-dose aspirin and lowered severity of covid and death.”

A low-dose aspirin each day has long been said to be a potentially lifesaving habit for those at risk of heart attack or stroke or who have blood clotting problems.

Chow added, “Aspirin is cheap and easily accessible, and millions of Americans are using it to help their health conditions. Finding this connection is a huge win for people looking to lower their risk from some of the more devastating effects of covid.”

This is not the only study revealing the possible benefits of aspirin in coronavirus patients. Earlier this month, Medical Express said that researchers from a University in Switzerland came to this same conclusion.

The researchers’ findings were released in Lancet’s eClinical Medicine and showed that patients who took blood thinners before getting diagnosed with COVID were admitted less often to the hospital even with being older and having worse medical conditions than other people. The findings also showed that blood thinners — whether started before or after covid infection — lowered death by almost half.

Lead author Sameh Hozayen stated, “We know that covid leads to blood clots that can kill people. But, do blood thinners also save people? Blood thinners are prescribed to stop blood clots in patients with a prior blood clot in their legs or lungs. They also stop blood clots in the brain that come from abnormal heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation. And blood thinners are the normal treatment for these diseases, which is why we researched the data to see if it affected hospitalizations in COVID-19.”

Author: Scott Dowdy