New SCOTUS Poll Terrifies Everyone In Washington

Most of Americans wish to end lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, according to a new Ipsos poll, under half also favor other reforms to the judiciary.

The poll discovered that 63% of adults wanted age or term limits for Supreme Court justices. With 22% being opposed to any limits and the remaining people had no opinion.

Only 38% would want the court expanded to include four more judges. With 42% saying they would oppose that agenda and the rest being unsure.

Some legal scholars and many liberal activists have been calling for Supreme Court reforms as Republicans created a 6-to-3 right-leaning High Court over the past few years, in part by stopping a Democratic nominee and letting President Trump install three conservatives during his term.

Some Democrats last week put forward legislation to enlarge the High Court to 13 justices, a move they say would repair Americans’ confidence in the judicial branch. But the party’s leaders seemed unconvinced of the idea.

The poll showed that just 49% of Americans report having a “great deal” or “fair amount” of confidence in ruling made by the Supreme Court. With 43% of people showing similar trust in decisions made by the White House and 32% having that same trust in Congress.

Author: Scott Dowdy