New Report Says It All About 2024 — And It Spells Trouble For Dems

We revealed yesterday on how President Biden’s approval is falling and the honeymoon seems to be over.

He is at his lowest ratings now at only 50% approval and 45% disapproval. He kicked off his White House stay with huge media support so that fall is more noticeable.

But now, there are more reports to support this concern and they have to be giving Democrats nightmares.

After six months of Joe Biden, sounds like Americans have started to find out that it is not what was sold to them and they are not happy.

Their optimism concerning the direction of the nation has lowered by almost 20 points since the month of May, according to a fresh ABC News poll. That’s a massive drop. Notice that ABC even used a photo of Biden when revealing this.

Part of this is worry about how President Biden is handling the pandemic and anxiety about possible new nationwide lockdowns. Their feeling about how Biden is handling the economy has also fallen seven points since the month of March, with another increase in jobless claims.

Although he is still doing alright on the economy and the pandemic, he is doing bad on every other topic, even with Democrats, according to this poll. One of the topics which is really coming in strong is the border, where less than 4 in 10 Americans approve of Biden’s open border agenda. Disapproval of his dealing with gun violence has increased up to 61%.

There is a lot of warning here, and that must have Democrats going crazy over 2022. That is why we’re getting their push to carry out the Jan. 6 commission and Democrats resurrecting the rage against Kavanaugh. Democrats are wanting to charge up their base and possibly sway independents. But that’s a pretty slim chance when the foundational issues are looking terrible and staring Americans right in the face. Americans are not stupid — they know where to put the blame for defunding the police and the increase in crime. If we go back to lockdowns and mandatory masks, that is really going to destroy Biden even further.

Author: Blake Ambrose