New Report Reveals How Terrible Biden’s Immigration Flood Really Is

The U.S. population of illegal and legal migrants reached 46.6 million in Jan., up around 1.6 million since President Biden was elected president, according to the new federal numbers published by the Center for Immigration Study group.

“The 46.6 million immigrants (illegal and legal) in America in January 2022 is the highest number recorded in any poll or decennial census reaching back to the year 1850,” the report says.

“As a share of the overall population [around 332 million], immigrants were about 14.2 percent — the largest percentage in about 112 years. If present trends keep going, the immigrant share could possibly to surpass the current all-time high which was recorded in 1890 (14.8 percent) and also 1910 (14.7 percent) in the next several years,” said the new report.

“Our immigration system and the purposeful choice to purposely not support immigration laws, and to put out hundreds of thousands of new people into the country, is now being revealed in these numbers,” stated the CIS’s research dir., Steve Camarota.

“In only the next several years, we will pass the all-time high … America is going into unknown and uncharted territory,” he said.

The data reveals that 70 percent — or up to 1.1 million — of the newly arrived migrants are Latino, Camarota stated.

Since Jan. 2021, “it is possible that 1.5 million people came in,” alongside more legal immigrants and workers, he said to reporters. But that southern inflow is partly offset by some migrants leaving, he added. Maybe “three or four hundred thousand of them went back home. 100,000 got their legal status, and 50,000 passed away,” he said.

But much of this population boost is caused by the White House’s push to enlarge migration through legal loopholes that blur the distinctions between illegal and legal migrants. For example, Joe Biden’s deputies are now allowing migrants in through legally dubious paths for asylum, work permit, and family unifications.

The doorways were opened by Joe Biden’s pro-migration leader of the border, Alejandro Mayorkas, who is a Cuban refugee who arrived in California in the 60s. Mayorkas says that America is a “Nation of Immigrants” and one that welcomes economic migrants.

Author: Scott Dowdy