New Polls Reveals The Three Landslides Of Trump 2024

During a new Sunday interview on a radio program called “The Cats Roundtable,” election pollster John McLaughlin said Trump was leading the possible Democratic field should he try for another term in 2024.

After highlighting Joe Biden’s terrible approval ratings amid sky-high inflation, the continuing open border agenda, and his foreign policy problems, McLaughlin stated Trump was polling five points over Biden, 11 points over VP Kamala Harris, and 10 points over Hillary Clinton.

“Our latest national poll, Biden has a 57-point disapproval. That is a drop of 33 points since April of last year,” McLaughlin said to John Catsimatidis, the host of the show. “In last April, he sported a 58% approval. Trump had given him with a growing economy, the vaccines; people thought things would get better. And instead, they didn’t. And basically, inflation is now hear, gas and food prices going up, you have the shortages, you have foreign policy issues in terms of, not only giving away Afghanistan, but Ukraine, and now you have the border problem, issues like national crime combined with a war against police. So, Joe Biden, his disapproval is now high for people that voted for him. It is 22% of the Americans who voted for him — they disapprove; 22% of Dems disapprove; 25% of liberals now disapprove; 25% of African-Americans; 15% of Hispanics; 52% of women; 45% of urban voters. His base is breaking up. And the rest of the nation is piling on.”

“The one person Biden is doing well for is Donald Trump because he beats Joe Biden in these surveys 49 to 44,” he said. “And Trump beats Kamala Harris even more, 51 to 40. And he even beats Hillary Clinton 51 to 41. So, the GOP is united. For this Nov, they are leading in the generic congressional ballot 48 to 43, which is why you see so many Dems heading for the exits.”

This comes at a time when Donald Trump is holding more and more rallies across America. However, he has yet to formally announce he is running for president in 2024.

Author: Steven Sinclaire