New Poll Proves Just How Hated Liz Cheney Really Is

There were a handful of Republicans in D.C. who turned on Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 Election. But one has become the face of this anti-Trump opposition: Liz Cheney.

Yes, most of the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump faced repercussions. In fact, many of them were censured and face tough primary rivals (Lisa Murkowski might even retire, to save face). Yet, it has been Cheney who—defying all reason—is continuing to defend her decision by attacking the 45th president.

House leaders are losing it. Talk is swirling that they will remove her from her position of power. It’s clear that the party is firmly in Trump’s corner. To defy him could mean political suicide.

But what do the folks back home think? A candidate can survive a political pummeling, as long as they we keeping getting elected. So, do the good people of Wyoming support their representatives unending attacks on one of the most popular presidents the GOP has ever seen?

Eh… not quite.

Cheney is currently in serious trouble as a new poll from Club for Growth PAC shows the congresswoman with a negative net image.

The Republican’s unfavorables currently sit at more than twice her favorable numbers among Wyoming Republican primary voters. Cheney’s unfavorable rating currently stands at 65 percent with a net image of -36 percent…

Only 14 percent of the voters said they would vote to reelect Cheney regardless of who runs against her, compared to the 31 percent who would consider another candidate. Fifty-two percent would vote for her opponent regardless of who runs against her. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s pretty shocking to see Cheney continue to defend her anti-MAGA, anti-Trump views, even as it’s costing her so much. She even wrote an op-ed recently, doubling—no—tripling down on her attacks against Donald Trump. She claims to be a conservative that wants to oppose Joe Biden’s toxic agenda. Yet she attacks a major figure who can help Republicans retake Congress and turn things around.

Almost as if… she doesn’t really care about conservative values and just wants to maintain the status quo!

No, for that to be true, she’d have to be some kind of corrupt swamp dweller… oh!

But the numbers don’t lie. A large portion of Wyoming voters don’t want Cheney coming back after 2022. Her unfavourability rating is staggeringly high, at 65%. Most voters say they will pick whoever is running against her, regardless of who they are.

For voters to pick an imaginary candidate over a sitting incumbent? That’s bad, no matter how you slice it.

A smart politician would use this time to recover. Try to regain the respect of her party and supporters. But from all appearances, Cheney refuses to back down. She continues to push lies concocted by the liberal media and is rejecting the party’s own stance.

You have to wonder, why is she really doing this? Is it because she’s standing by her principles? Or is she getting a big fat payday from special interest groups?

Author: Mark Anderson