New Poll Humiliates Joe Biden Like Never Before

Joe Biden’s recent efforts to attempt to improve his position with the American people on the economy are not helping him. Indeed, they could be making things worse.

Biden has been saying that he created the “fastest economic growth since the year 1984.” That just skipped right over the real truth that people going back to work from a shutdown is not “growth” — and no thanks to Joe Biden. He did not help his cause by publishing a rigged chart to make it seem like the economy had gotten better.

No one is buying it, according to a fresh ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Only one percent of Americans think that the economy is “excellent.” Just 23 percent believe it’s “good.” Meanwhile, 75 percent believe the economy is “not so good or poor.” Sixty-nine percent of Americans are against Joe Biden’s handling of this key topic. So, if he believes he is buffaloing people, it is not working. His numbers are getting worse.

Then Biden said he would only consider black women candidates to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, without looking over all other possible candidates. That got very negative reactions in the survey, with only 23 percent supportive of it and 76 percent wishing him to consider all other possible nominees.

So, if Joe Biden thought this was going to re-engage American voters, that does not seem to have worked.

In terms of Ukraine, Joe Biden’s moves are also not loved. On the topic of sending ground troops to Eastern Europe, 32 percent of people say they “don’t know” enough to say, 38 percent are against sending troops, and just 29 percent support it. Not exactly a big endorsement.

Worse for him is that he has 56 percent disapproval concerning his handling of Ukraine and Russia and in general. So, if he is trying to “wag the dog,” the dog is not having it. It does not help when the Ukrainian president must tell him to calm the hype about any invasion, and Joe Biden reportedly takes the hardest sanctions against Russia off the table.

Author: Steven Sinclaire