New Poll: Americans Mostly Agree About Unvaccinated Punishments

Most Americans say people should not be fired from their jobs for not accepting the vaccines, according to a fresh survey done by the Trafalgar Group.

Asked if they thought their fellow citizens should get fired “if they are against taking the vaccine,” a large 65% said “No,” Trafalgar Group survey results reported. Another 22.2% said “Yes” and 12.8% reported that they “Don’t know.”

In a party division, 83.5% of GOP members, 63.6% of the independents and just 47.9% of the Democrats who took the poll said Americans should be fired for not getting the vaccine.

Democrats (38.4%) were a lot more likely than GOP members (9.7%) or the independents (15.5%) to report that people should get fired for being unvaccinated.

The poll was done on September 17-19 among 1,097 possible voters. It had a 95% confidence rate. Most (63.1%) of the respondents were older than 45.

More Dems (39.3%) took the survey than GOP members (35.6%).

An earlier Trafalgar Group poll discovered that a big majority of possible voters believe President Biden does not have “the constitutional ability to force businesses to force vaccine mandates on their employees.”

The survey found 58.6% of possible voters think Biden does not have the ability to do what he said he would do: force the vaccinations or testing by issuing financial fines on businesses with over 100 employees.

Notably, 68% of other-party or independent voters agreed with the 84% of GOP members in opposing Biden’s action as being unconstitutional, while only 27% of Democrats are in agreement.

The results from other questions inside the poll also did not do Biden any favors. His mandate creates “a precedent that might be abused by other presidents,” according to 56%, including 58% of other-party or independents.

Most (56%) also support governors who are against Biden’s national vaccine mandate on businesses, including 46.3% who support this opposition.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll put out recently revealed 71% of unvaccinated people in America believe vaccine boosters are not effective.

The poll reported that 78% of people who got some form of vaccine think the boosters prove that “scientists are continuing to discover ways to make the vaccines even more effective.”

Author: Blake Ambrose