New Leak Reveals Biden’s Machiavellian Moves Against Parents

The National School Boards Assc. “actively worked” with the Biden White House and other agencies before sending its heated letter to President Joe Biden, a new Freedom of Information Act requests reveals.

An October 12 memo reveals the timeline leading to the message that requested federal help to deal with parental threats on school boards, which the organization said “could be the equivalent of a type of domestic terrorism.”

The NSBA president, Viola Garcia, said the group “was actively working with the White House, DOJ, DHS, Dept. of Education, Surgeon General, and numerous other federal agencies” before the September 29 letter.

That letter led AG Merrick Garland to send the FBI to partner with local, state, and federal police to target parents working in what it said was “threatening conduct.”

Garcia also said on September 14, the same day as the Organization of State Assc. Executive Directors happened, there was a meeting with the White House and they were informed that the “NSBA was going to send a letter to Joe Biden.”

“Subsequently, on Sept. 17, 2021, the Executive Director messaged a notice to the state assc. executive directors that said a letter requesting federal help would be sent,” she said.

Other communications between school officials and the NSBA reveal frustration with how the letter was sent and the extreme language used inside it.

NSBA has since issued apologies for their letter, but numerous states have distanced themselves from the federal group and at least 12 have removed their dues, membership, or participation.

Democrats continue to push the anti-white narrative that angry parents, and white conservatives in general, are in fact white-supremacists who want to commit acts of terrorism.

The top-down use of police and FBI resources to go for regular American citizens is a scary trend that Republicans must stop in its tracks. Otherwise we could soon be living in a country where it is almost illegal to even have conservative opinions let alone support them with peaceful protests.

But in the end, given the elections of the past few weeks, Democrats might have bitten off more than they can chew with this extreme agenda.

Author: Steven Sinclaire