New Lawsuit Exposes More Voter Fraud, in a Familiar State

The battle over the 2020 Election is far from over. Although the left has dismissed it entirely, activity has been going on at the state level since 2021. Republican lawmakers have exposed countless examples of voter fraud. And they’ve passed measures to make it harder for fraudsters to cheat the system.

But none of that works unless we are vigilant to sniff and stamp out fraud attempts. In states like Texas, people have been recently outed for attempts to steal elections. And despite Democrats’ claims, we are learning about attempts at voter fraud all over the country. Now, a conservative law firm is launching a suit in Wisconsin, claiming a city clerk tried to steal an election.

The nonprofit, conservative law firm the Thomas More Society has filed a new formal complaint against the city clerk of Green Bay, Wisconsin, for allegedly participating in illegal ballot harvesting in a close, April 5 city council election.

The complaint was filed Thursday against city Clerk Celestine Jeffreys with the Wisconsin Elections Commission for allegedly accepting multiple absentee ballots from the hand of a single person several times, according to the Epoch Times…

Several voters reported seeing Jeffreys accepting the ballots, says Erick Kaardal, the firm’s special counsel.

The only legally permissible methods of delivery of absentee ballots generally are personally delivering one’s own absentee ballot to the clerk or personally mailing it, the news outlet also reports. [Source: Just the News]

The Thomas More Society alleges that the city clerk of Green Bay accepted multiple absentee ballots from a single person, constituting voter fraud. The state law forbids an election official from receiving more than one absentee ballot from an individual. That law makes it harder for fraudsters to engage in “ballot harvesting” a remarkably easy way to steal an election thanks to mail-in ballots.

Wisconsin law requires an individual to deliver their absentee ballot themselves or mail it. This prevents attempts at “stuffing” the ballot box with forged ballots. The firm believes this episode amounted to voter fraud in a close April 5th election.

Every election matters. And if there is a whiff of fraud, it must be investigated. We can’t predict how this lawsuit will shake out, but this kind of thing needs to happen in every election. If there are any “irregularities,” they must be checked.

Otherwise, there is no telling how many elections can be stolen.

Author: Moe Stone