New Book Reveals The Worst Biden Family Connection, Proving Treason

On Sunday it was revealed how the Joe Biden family made money from business deals with people “connected to the highest areas of CCP intel.”

Schweizer, the writer behind Red-Handed: How The American Elites Get Wealthy Helping China, said Hunter Biden, while Joe Biden was both VP and now president, was working in deals with people tied to the highest areas of Chinese intel. He said the Joe Biden family’s business deals “unprecedented.”

“One of the most stunning things we found is the simple fact that the Bidens, while he was VP of the United States and continuing now that he is president, got $31 million from Chinese people who are connected to the highest areas of Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer said on Fox News.

He said, “And these business deals, which I talk about in the book, were done by some people. One is a person named Che Feng. And Hunter Biden, in the Biden emails, calls him the Super Chairman. That is his nickname, and he writes in one of his emails, ‘I do not believe in the lottery, but I do believe in the Super Chairman.’”

“Hunter’s business partner was the state security vice minister,” Schweizer said. “He was the leader of, among other items, recruiting foreigners to spy for China. He was the leader of the Number Eight Bureau. It does not get any top level than this. These are the types of people that were making deals with Hunter. In this one case, Che Feng aided in a $20 million business deal. Another person that helped fix that deal is a person named Mr. Zhao. This person helped with the $20 million deal. He also issued $5 million to Hunter, and that came from a very strange business named Harvest Global.”

As reported by Schweizer, Jiao’s business partner was “the daughter of the previous head of the state security.”

“This is the person who runs the whole spy apparatus for the Chinese government,” Schweizer said. “Again, it does not go any higher.”

“And Mark, this is completely unprecedented,” he said. “I do not know of a time in our history where the American President and his family had this type of a financial connection with a foreign intelligence service, especially a foreign intel. service that wishes to defeat the U.S. in global competition.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire