More Bad Polls for Biden–State by State, He Is Losing Americans

For a while now, we have seen Biden’s approval sink into the gutter. Ever since his failed Afghanistan withdrawal, Americans have been turning on this “moderate” Democrat. He followed up that disaster with his infamous vaccine mandates. And as his approval continued to fall, he refused to course correct or change his agenda.

Even at the start of this year, he made major missteps that sabotaged his presidency. It seems his administration is ignoring the outcries of the American public. That will only result in worse consequences for the party, as the midterms approach. How bad it is? Well, Biden has a failing grade in all but four states.

President Joe Biden’s job approval is underwater in a majority of states, including key swing states, a Civiqs survey released this week found.

The survey found 57 percent of voters, overall, disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared with 34 percent who approve — a net negative of 23 percent. That has stood as a common theme in recent months, as inflation hits a 40-year high and Biden continues to tout coronavirus mandates — such as masks on planes — despite having vowed to crush the virus.

However, the survey examined Biden’s approval rating state by state and found his approval underwater in the vast majority of states as well…

In blue California, half disapprove of Biden’s job performance and 40 percent approve, giving him a net approval of -10. A majority in his home state of Delaware disapprove of his job performance — 55 percent — compared with 35 percent who approve, putting him underwater by double digits in yet another state. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. Even far-left California hates Joe Biden, with 50% disapproval versus a 40% approval. Even in the states where he’s “above water,” it isn’t a slam dunk. He is beneath 50% in all of them, with rising disapprovals.

Swing states are giving him some bad news. Arizona is giving him a staggering 61% disapproval. Michigan is also ticked off, with a 59% disapproval. Even New York, which is getting bluer and bluer, is flunking Biden.

What’s more, is that independent voters (whom Biden needs to succeed) are rejecting this failed president. A shocking 67% of them disapprove of Biden’s administration. The majority of independents in nearly all states disapprove.

This comes after Biden’s tried to salvage his reputation with a promise to nominate a woman of color to the Supreme Court. Other “wins” from his administration have gone over just as poorly, as inflation crippled American progress and his socialist agenda sinks numerous industries.

How this will play out in the midterms, we can’t predict. Much could happen between now and November. But the trend isn’t looking good for Democrats. Biden is unlikely to recover from so much failure in just a few months. And Democrats don’t seem able to properly distance themselves from him, considering they’ve largely supported his policies.

November could be a bloodbath for the left. Not that we’re crying about it.

Author: Moe Jlow