More Americans Believe Biden Mentally Declining–According to New Poll

You probably know all about the numerous approval polls that have Biden underwater. Since last summer, Biden has not had a good approval poll. Most of them have his approval well below 40%, closer to 30%. His disapproval has gotten as high as 60% in some polls, with his top officials like Harris not far behind. From all appearances, Americans are not happy with Joe. That includes many of the people who voted for him.

But things are getting worse for old Joe. A recent poll revealed 37% approved of his job, the lowest for this left-leaning outlet. A staggering 55% said they disapproved of Biden’s performance. But more details from this poll are casting light on the man’s problems. And a growing number of Americans believe Joe is lacking in this one crucial area.

A strong majority of adults in the United States believe President Joe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as commander in chief, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll…

The recent poll revealed that the “underlying weakness” is to the degree that most adults “have doubts about his personal capacities.” […]

When asked about Biden’s “mental sharpness” to serve as president, 54 percent said they do not think Biden is mentally sharp enough, while only 40 percent said he is. When respondents were asked the same question in May 2020, when Biden was only a candidate, 51 percent said he had the “mental sharpness” needed to serve as president, while 43 percent said he did not. [Source: Breitbart]

Every question in this poll was a bloodbath for Joe. A shocking 59% said Biden was not a strong leader. They believe his “underlying weakness” is the fact that most Americans doubt his “personal capacities.” That fact becomes starkly obvious when they asked about his mental fitness. A woeful 54% of voters think Biden does not have the “mental sharpness” to lead.

The poll was clearly trying to soften the blow for Biden with that wording. They should have asked if Americans think he is suffering from a mental illness. The numbers would have been much the same but could have triggered calls by Congress to investigate. But we’re not fooled. “Mental sharpness” is the same as asking if Biden’s suffering from mental decline. And we all know the answer to that.

For a long time now, we’ve seen signs of Biden’s mental failings. He always appears tired, annoyed, disinterested, and grumpy. He often slurs his words and is unable to finish sentences. When he is coherent, we have to wonder just what he intends with his words. Even with handlers and pre-written speeches, Biden fails to instill confidence in Americans.

How many videos have we seen of the man making no sense, whatsoever? How often has he come off as a sad, tired old man that belongs in a nursing home? We don’t say this to mock him, but to bring to light the fact that he does not belong in the White House. Nor does anyone else that works for him.

The American people see it, but Democrats refuse.

Author: Moe Blow