‘Moderate’ Democrat Senator Reveals Terrifying True Colors

Soon after the results of the 2020 Election became clear, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin promised to be a moderate voice in the Senate. As a Democrat in a red state, he claimed he would resist the most extreme agenda of his party—those supported by radical socialists.

With a 50/50 split in the Senate, Manchin has claimed to be a “deciding vote” in many upcoming issues. It seemed he wanted Republicans, at least those in his home state, to trust him to do what is right—to prevent a runaway Democrat Senate ram their agenda through.

But recent interviews have revealed that Manchin supports some of the worst plans the left is cooking up, including Big Tech censorship and the forceable removal of senators he does not like.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) told PBS last week that he supports companies that have recently started to de-platform Republican politicians, saying, “Thank goodness they’re pushing back now.” …

“The president has been now banned from Facebook,” Hoover continued. “Parler, an app that is preferred by some conservatives, has been booted off of Apple, Amazon, and Google. The PGA has pulled its 2022 Championship from the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey, and Simon & Schuster has dropped Josh Hawley’s book. Do you support all these examples of de-platforming?”

“I do. I really do,” Manchin responded. [Source: Daily Wire]

Let’s just put it out there: a senator that claims to want to bring the parties together would not support the de-platforming of Donald Trump and other conservatives. He would not applaud the gross and underhanded violation of the First Amendment on social platforms. Yet Manchin is applauding it today, because it has not hit his party (yet).

Not really something a “moderate” would say, huh?

What he said next was even more alarming.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is soon to become a key swing vote for the Democrats in the United States Senate, told PBS’s “Firing Line” that Congress should consider using the 14th Amendment’s section 3, which provides a way for Congress to expel one of its own, to punish Republicans who objected to certifying the Electoral College vote…

“That should be a consideration,” he said. “[Ted Cruz] understands that. Ted’s a very bright individual, and I get along fine with Ted, but what he did was totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities or our privileges.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In this instance, Joe is being even more misleading and indecent. He claims Cruz and Hawley’s objections to the electoral vote deserves that they been thrown out of Congress. The 14th Amendment only gives the power to eject a lawmaker over “insurrection or rebellion.” Opposing the electoral college does not include that. Manchin ignores the fact that since 2000, Democrats have repeatedly challenged the electoral vote—when Republicans won the presidency.

To say that senators—who used their Constitutionally-given rights—should be kicked out of Congress is ludicrous. That’s the kind of thing you say when you’re a left-wing radical who wants to “purse” the government of any opposition. Not the thing you say if you’re a “moderate” who wants to bring the country together.

And if you’re worried they can actually throw out Cruz or Hawley, rest assure, it’s not going to happen. It requires a 2/3rds majority vote in BOTH house Congress. Good luck with that, Manchin.

But these statements reveal Manchin is not really interested in balancing the Senate. He’s not even interested in keeping his supporters in West Virginia happy. He is only interested in saving his skin as Democrats take over Congress.