Mike Pence Does More Than Joe–Visits Ukrainian Border

Joe Biden has talked big about Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. But he has yet to put himself on the line to help the country. He hides out in the White House (or his home in Delaware), sending others to do his job for him. Not that his response has been anything but laughable. But if Biden actually bothered to go to Europe and show his face to Putin and others, it would send a strong message to the world that the U.S. is not sitting back in this fight.

Instead, Biden sent a laughing idiot who didn’t have answers to even basic questions.

But as Biden takes a back seat to this crisis, others are showing true leadership. Mike Pence has been getting busier in recent months. Some have speculated he’s gearing up for a possible 2024 run. We can’t be sure of that. But what we are sure of is that Pence’s going to the frontlines to offer support and hope to those who need it most. Meanwhile, Biden licks his ice cream.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and former second lady Karen Pence on Thursday visited the Ukrainian border to meet with some of the flood of refugees streaming into Poland as Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

The Pences traveled with evangelical Christian group the Samaritan’s Purse. After landing, Pence called the impact of the foreign invasion “heartbreaking” and encouraged supporters to donate to Samaritan’s Purse and other aid organizations. [Source: Just the News]

Despite the fact that a war is literally raging in the country, Mike Pence and his wife traveled to the Ukrainian border. He did in support of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian humanitarian group that was on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic (even setting up hospitals in Italy). Pence’s goal was to generate support for relief efforts aimed at Ukrainians suffering from the invasion.

This was the not first time Pence made his way to dangerous areas for a good cause. He famously traveled to the border between North and South Korea, casting a stern glance at the communist nation. Pence’s appearance at the Ukraine border was to greet and help the many refugees fleeing Putin’s war.

This could be a sign that Pence is becoming more visible in the coming months and years. He has made himself a fixture within the GOP. He has formed a PAC and is a member of the Heritage Foundation. He, like Trump, has worked to secure the GOP a big win this November. And it’s possible he is exploring his own 2024 run, when the time comes.

Regardless, Pence is going above and beyond what many others have done, in the wake of this invasion. Hopefully, more leaders will follow his example.

Author: Moe Blow