Mexican Army Uses Biden’s Border Disaster For a ‘Special Operation’

A group of 14 soldiers from Mexico riding in two cars crossed into the state of Texas at an international port. The incursion caused officers with U.S. Border Protection to take their weapons and temporarily put them in handcuffs. The soldiers were checked for drugs and agents found a small amount of marijuana on one.

The incident happened on Saturday morning when soldiers from the Cordova -Americas International Port Bridge went past the international border marker in El Paso, Mexico’s 24 Horas said. As the soldiers got near to the checkpoints, which were manned by U.S. Border Protection, officers detained them, seized their weapons, and put them in handcuffs.

CBP confirmed the event inside an email, saying, “Just after midnight CBP officers who were at the Bridge of the international crossing in the city of El Paso saw two Mexican military vehicles going across the boundary and entering the United States.”

Drivers lined up at this international bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico as Border Protection agents in Texas partially closed the passing, delaying vehicles.

The security measure was because of the “humanitarian crisis” which was declared by CBP due to the flood of illegals coming across the southern border due to the Biden Administration’s desire to flood America demographically.

According to the Associated Press, the soldiers said they did not realize they had crossed the boundary. After some hours, United States authorities released the Mexican soldiers and returned their vehicles and weapons. One of the soldiers also had a civil penalty after United States authorities found a small stash of marijuana on him.

This comes at a time when the Biden administration is hemorrhaging support among Independents and even many Democrats. His obvious open border agenda during a time when America’s economy is sagging and vaccine mandates are causing chaos in the employment market, has led to many former Biden voters to regret voting for him. Now, it seems that the southern border is so wide open that a full military squad almost found its way into America. Under Joe Biden, the United States is simply not safe and will never be safe.

Author: Steven Sinclaire