Media Tries To Assassinate Joe Rogan, But It Did Not Go Well

The media last week circulated a letter to Spotify allegedly signed by “270 doctors” that wanted the company take actions against the host Joe Rogan.

But it turns out most of those signatories are not legally doctors.

The letter pushed for Spotify to “implement a misinformation program.”

The letter was angry over a new episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” that featured Dr. Robert Malone, an immunologist and virologist who has been censored by tech platforms for disseminating a perspective about the coronavirus vaccine that goes against the government’s narrative.

The letter said that Rogan had a “concerning history of pushing out misinformation” about the coronavirus pandemic.

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Rogan had repeatedly spread false and misleading claims on his podcast, causing distrust in medicine and science,” the letter said. “This is not only a medical concern; it is a sociological issue of terrible proportions and the Spotify company is responsible for accepting this and allowing it to continue and thrive on its website.”

The media predictably promoted the letter like wildfire.

But what is the issue?

A quick inspection of the letter’s backers reveals that most are not legally allowed to practice medicine unsupervised, while a large number are not even real medical providers.

The range of credentials in the signatories include: 82 medical doctors (MDs), five osteopathic medicine doctors (DO), over one dozen nurse practitioners, almost 100 Ph.D.s and Ph.D. candidates (most are professors), veterinarians, a dentist, a psychologist, biochemist, physicians’ assistants, master’s students, pharmacists, a “COVID-19 lab supervisor,” students, public health advisers, engineers, social workers, and even a host of another podcast.

In other words, this list is filled with a large group of a variety of people — some of them are qualified medical experts having gotten a degree in their field — that hardly inspires any confidence in the newsworthy value of their group letter, let alone in the gravity of their collective opinion.

The liberal media cannot handle the fact that freedom of speech allows people to go against the narrative and express their own opinion. And they won’t stop until Joe Rogan is censored. The eternal fight continues.

Author: Blake Ambrose