Media Goes To Shocking New Level To Defeat DeSantis

The attacks against Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis are unrelenting now that his choices on the Wuhan pandemic have been supported by economic data and science in his state.

As opponents against Governor DeSantis, for his 2022 governor campaign and possible 2024 presidential run, fail to give real arguments that make sense, they are digging right the bottom with a desperate hope of finding an argument that will hurt his political momentum.

The most recent of these has come from from Vanity Fair, which penned a hit piece about “luring DeSantis with cupcakes.”

“According to his ex-aides, DeSantis is so distant that they had to trick him to attend meetings by putting out cupcakes and telling him it is someone’s birthday.”

“Trust and loyalty are not currencies he uses,” one former staffer said to the outlet. “It is him and Casey. But everyone else is treated like a disposable piece of trash.”

Also, Politico accused Governor DeSantis of, gasp, listening to his wife Casey.

“We spoke to a dozen of his onetime aides, and they all reported that DeSantis treats his staff like expendable things. He largely uses the brain trust of himself and his wife, Casey DeSantis.”

Could these reporters be the same “pros” who said President Trump, could never win?

The accusations are being laughed at and described as what they are: desperate and bizarre.

Author: Blake Ambrose