Media Freaks Out As Convoy Protests Spread Globally

The liberal media is now freaking out  over the convoy protests spreading through the pro-free speech social media alternative, Telegram, and saying that the protesters who are standing up for freedom are “white nationalists and antivax parents.”

Mother Jones penned a biased hit piece against the convoy protests that took the world by storm, using  Telegram posts to paint demonstrators as being involved in a hate movement.

“The radicalization of parents was an ongoing theme throughout the covid pandemic,” author Kiera Butler said. “In 2020, I discussed the Covid and QAnon conspiracies going through moms’ groups.”

“More recently, parents inside far-right groups have opposed mask mandates, decried race-related teachings, and ban books they believe are disturbing from schools. These groups, which some call “mama bears,” are widely credited with helping push GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to victory in the state of Virginia,” Butler said.

The liberal rag admitted that the organizing on the Telegram platform could ultimately cause more disruptions to the anti-white globalist tyranny.

“The Telegram messages mean that, beyond the mayhem that the people want to inflict on DC, there could be smaller pushes at disruption elsewhere,” Butler said.

We have reported on the trucker convoys in Canada and how they took the world by storm:

“Tucker Carlson discussed the trucker convoy, which he said was “the most successful human rights protest.” The conservative commentator also spoke about the incompetency of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and other leaders during the pandemic and their lack of ability to work with the people, especially the working-class.”

“During the segment, Tucker Carlson also spoke about the one reason many Dem politicians have quickly started dropping their restrictions is they see what is happening in Canada and fear Americans could draw inspiration.”

“We still believe it is true, but it is also clear, as of tonight, that there is more explanation for this. Dems are looking at their northern friends, and what they see scares them. Canada’s working class is rebelling after years of ongoing abuse.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire