Media Exec Caught Planning Revenge Against Republicans

Image Source: WILX

A top executive at PBS has been fired after investigative reporter and conservative James O’Keefe put out a video of him suggesting political revenge against GOP voters.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas interviewed the now former PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller, who asked BLM and Antifa to “toss Molotov cocktails” into the White House.

“Even if Biden is the president, we go for all the GOP voters, Homeland Security will remove their children,” the former PBS exec said in the now public video. “And we’ll force them to go to re-education camps.”

Beller also wanted Chinese-style labor camps for Trump supporters, and was caught lying about COVID-19.

“Enlightenment camps are nice, they have things like Sesame street. You know most republicans are dumb,” Beller added with a smile. “What’s good is that COVID is increasing in all the conservative states, so a lot of them are dying.”

Beller’s political opinions raised ethical concerns because PBS is funded by American taxpayers, regardless of how they vote.