Media Anchor Breaks Free, Tells Disturbing Truth About Covid

CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Gupta is supporting former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield’s opinion that COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab which was conducting research on bat coronaviruses to cause them to more easily infect humans, and did not come from a natural origin.

“I do not think this moved from a bat to a human., said Redfield. “When a pathogen does that, it takes some time for it to be more efficient in human to human transmission.”

And while CNN’s anchors slammed Redfield’s opinion, Gupta is now backing it, according to reports from the Daily Mail.

“He is a veteran virologist and was the leader of the CDC when this was happening, which means that on top of what we publicly knew, he also had the information coming out of China., Gupta said.

“He was much more informed and maybe he could not share everything he knew, but he informed us through his opinion.”

“I was not shocked by what he said but by the fact that he said it., Gupta added. “There really is reason to believe this is the true origin of the covid virus.”

“The big Wuhan virology lab that was actually studying coronaviruses. Just finding the simplest explanation, it would make perfect sense.”

Author: Scott Dowdy