McConnell’s Career Nosedives After Betrayal

Republican Minority Leader and Senator Mitch McConnell has been officially censured by the Republican Party of Nelson County, Kentucky, with officials saying the establishment rhino betrayed President Trump.

The censure was overwhelmingly approved, as a response to McConnell’s assertion that President Donald Trump was somehow responsible for the violence that occurred at the Capitol Hill protests.

The resolution “demands McConnell take back his statements dishonoring President Donald Trump,” referring to his words that Trump caused the Capitol violence. President Trump had said that rally-goers should come to the Capitol peacefully, only to have a small part of them take things too far when they trespassed, disrupting the election certification process.

It’s disgusting. I think it’s shameful what he did, because he took advantage of us to get his sorry self reelected,” said a Kentucky conservative who dialed into the GOP meeting where McConnell was being censured. 

The resolution labels McConnell as having “left his Republican base that gave him his office.

McConnell even suggested he would think about convicting Trump in a post-office impeachment trial. Such an action would be the ultimate betrayal of President Donald Trump, with experts saying such a move isn’t even possible, as the Senate lacks the ability to convict a private citizen.

The Kentucky GOP are also aiming for a rebuke of McConnell at the Kentucky state level, and others are pushing for a resolution demanding that McConnell stop a second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.