McConnell Sees His Last Days As GOP Leader

Fox News host Sean Hannity is requesting that former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell resign as the leader of the GOP in the Senate.

“New leadership is needed in the Senate,” Hannity argued during his show this week. “You can be the representative of the citizens of Kentucky. You’re revealing that basically right now, you are the leader of the establishment GOP that to be honest have always had contempt for Trump, but more importantly, contempt for the 75 million people who voted for him.”

Hannity slammed McConnell for having contempt for both Donald Trump and his tens of millions of followers and claimed that people are searching for someone who will battle it out for their values instead of someone who will “scheme with your buddy Schumer.”

“Establishment GOP have no desire to fight, no courage and no vision. Too many leaders in Washington are just far too likely to be friendly with and even protect the swamp,” Hannity said. “And that’s why real conservatives are exhausted by the empty promises, and rehearsed talking points that never get anything done.”

Democrats took over the Senate on Wednesday through a tie-breaking vote from VP Harris, making McConnell the Senate Minority Leader. The Kentucky “conservative” met with Senator Schumer this week to plan a power-sharing arrangement.

During a speech this Tuesday, McConnell accused Trump of being the instigator of the Capitol Hill protest that led to several people dying, and he is allegedly considering voting for Trump’s impeachment in the Senate.