McConnell Draws Line in the Sand Over Democrats’ Election ‘Overhaul’

What’s going on in D.C. right now? That’s a very good question. Because Democrats have a slim majority in Congress, they have a small window of opportunity to get as much done as possible. Why do I say it’s a small window? Because come 2022, Republicans have a good chance at taking back both the House and the Senate.

With Sleepy Joe in the White House, any bills passed in Congress by the left are going to be signed. Joe’s just a puppet for his party, after all, so people like Pelosi and Schumer know they can get any of their bills turned into a law—as long as they can pass them.

Knowing they won’t have this chance in two years, they are trying to ram anything and everything through now. Including a terrible bill that would radically change our election systems, ensuring voter fraud is protected by law.

Republicans clearly won’t support such a move. And in the 50/50 Senate, Democrats need some support by the right to get this done. “Moderate” Democrat Joe Manchin reportedly met with Republicans to craft some kind of compromise election bill. But Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has made it clear what his party thinks about Democrats’ intentions with our democracy.

As Democrats play a game of back-and-forth with regard to voting rights legislation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) signaled that members of his own party are still not open to a federal government overhaul of the election system, even if it is packaged as a compromise…

“I would make this observation about the revised version. It still turns the federal election commission from a judge into a prosecutor … and, in what is an extraordinarily dubious constitutionality, would remove redistricting from state legislatures and hand it over to computers. Equally unacceptable. Totally inappropriate.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats’ ambitious intentions for our elections (and by ambitious, I mean horrible) include making universal mail-in ballots standard for all states. They want to remove state laws that require voter ID. They want computer software (programed by who?) to redistrict states—instead of state lawmakers. And they want greater federal control over what should be handled by state leaders.

Even with the “compromises” offered by Joe Manchin does not make this idea any better. With only a year or so in power, Democrats are trying to alter our elections so they can have an upper hand. Their wild hopes are to permanently ensure fraud can take place at every level of our elections. So that, conveniently, Democrats will win everything.

Isn’t it funny that whenever signs of fraud pop up during elections, it always benefits Democrats? The left can clamor and bluster all they want, but we don’t see Republicans winning, when there are no voter ID laws or ballot harvesting. These tactics—which lead to fraud—always benefit Democrats.

(Because, ahem, they exploit them to steal elections. Prove me wrong!)

It will be a cold day in hell when any Republican lawmaker signs off on the radical changes old Nancy and Chuck want done to our democracy. And, because they need their support in the Senate, “election reform” won’t happen anytime soon.

Author: John Smith