McConnell Demands Betrayal By Every Republican

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has warned Republicans in the Senate to not go along with pushes to block the Electoral College decision which happened this week. Reportedly telling GOP members in private that they would lose support if they extended the fight.

This after heaping praise on Trump for his accomplishments. Now he has done a 180 and has asked his colleagues to betray Trump.

President Trump has promised to keep fighting the alleged results of the presidential election. Due to coordinated fraud giving the to Joe Biden. But McConnell is warning Senate Republicans away from joining the President in efforts. 

McConnell supposedly has claimed that fighting the federal election would harm the GOP’s Georgia election. Where Republicans are trying hard to maintain Senate seats. These Georgia seats are important in that if they go to Democrats, Republicans lose their Senate majority and Democrats have effective control of the country.

It looks like McConnell is worried about the approaching January 6th vote in Congress to accept the result of the Electoral College vote.

Meanwhile Republican Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama is spearheading the effort to object to this acceptance. Over concerns that five key states were tainted with fraud. The Trump White House has echoed those concerns.

Brooks’ plan to overturn the acceptance is allowed under the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and the Constitution.

And to have success at all, Brooks must have the signature of at least one Senator. So far, no GOP Senator has given such signature. Yet Brooks continues his fight for Trump and America.