Manchin Puts Final Nail in Biden’s Agenda–Saying ‘It’s Dead’

Joe Biden started 2022 a loser. And now, as we enter February, things haven’t changed. He wasted most of last year trying to get his bloated spending bill passed. He was so obsessed with his trillion-dollar socialist agenda, that he neglected the many crises his policies created. Worse still, our Democrat-controlled Congress refused to hold him accountable, equally determined to pass the “Build Back Better” plan.

But those dreams came crashing down when Joe Manchin, moderate from West Virginia, refused to support the bill. He had been threatening to do so for months, Democrats refusing to listen. But early January, there were murmurs that negotiations were underway and that Biden’s signature plan could be saved. I guess those negotiations were as fake as Biden’s office because Manchin just shut BBB down for good.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that when asked about President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin said bluntly, “It’s dead.”

CNN political correspondent Manu Raju tweeted that Manchin, asked about Build Back Better, Biden’s roughly $2 trillion healthcare, education and climate package, replied, “What Build Back Better bill? I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” Raju said he asked Manchin if he had had any talks on the matter since December and Manchin answered, “No, no, no, no. It’s dead.” [Source: Daily Wire]

When a lawmaker says a bill is “dead,” that means it’s dead. There will be little chance of it reviving in any way, shape, or form. It won’t be debated, negotiated, or voted on. Congress will be pressed to move on, leaving the bill in the dust.

I’d like to say, it couldn’t happen to a better bill! As we’ve discussed many times last year, Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda would have been a disaster for the United States. Not only would it have raised taxes on nearly everyone (the opposite of what Biden promised), but it would put millions of Americans on welfare. The bill would have crippled major industries (like our energy sector) and only accelerated inflation.

Manchin was only one of a spare few Democrats willing to oppose this bill. It’s pretty scary to think how close we were to watching America crash and burn. The vast majority of Democrats blindly ran with a bill that would have left us crippled. Even they would look back and regret passing it, but they were too foolish to see it.

With BBB “dead,” Biden has little chance to resuscitate his presidency. He has no real legislative wins to speak of. Crises have been piling up, putting the hurt on the American people. Biden will be forced to actually focus on issues that Americans care about, not throw money at his supporters.

But when know this administration is incapable of course-correction. It will continue to push policies that do not work, as voters get more and more outraged. It will boil over into a midterm cycle that will be devastating for the left.

Except, of course, for Democrats like Joe Manchin.

Author: Pat Masterson