Man Trolls Biden On Live TV, Gets Targeted By Furious Liberals

The mania of the liberals going for Jared Schmeck for trolling President Biden by saying “Let’s go, Brandon” is increasing. They have been trending Schmeck’s name on Twitter all day, talking of ways they can destroy him for the teasing of Joe Biden. Imagine having that amount of hate to try to destroy a person for a joke because he simply embarrassed your favored President. That apparently means you have to threaten the dad and try to get him fired or hurt his family business.

But now we have moved on to the next phase of the drama. Now, that random nutbags on Twitter have found him and are now going for him, the liberal media is jumping in. Instead of seeing this with some perspective — it is a joke, people — they are completely all-in with demonizing Schmeck for what he said.

A CNN panel was angry that the dad was rude to Joe Biden’s face. But then, one of their standard anti-white commentators takes it to total bizarro-land by stating that Schmeck’s remarks means “insurrection.”

The CNN reporter, Ron Brownstein from The Atlantic, says, “It is ungracious. It is juvenile. It is reprehensible.” But it’s not about incivility, he says, “I believe it is fundamentally about an insurrection.” He claims it is a comment on Joe Biden being an “illegitimate president.”

Are they kidding us? After four years of totally demonizing Trump, calling him all the names in all the books, with Democrats such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) even asking for the harassment of Trump officials, you are upset about a joke based on a media cover up about Americans unhappiness with Joe Biden? Now, they are dismissing even the unhappiness with Joe Biden that the joke is about and calling it “insurrection” just to be angry with Biden? Are we getting to the Soviet level where the state media simply echoes how you must be true to the party and nobody should call out the problems allowed?

Everything is “insurrection” now if they do not like it, just as with everything was racist before if they needed to attack. This was simply a joke — a peaceful protest. Meanwhile, real insurrection and violent riots are “mostly peaceful,” according to liberal CNN, if it’s a protest that they agree with.

Author: Scott Dowdy