Major Audit Reveals Stunning Number of Fraudulent Voters

It’s not headline news for most of the MSM, but many states have conducted eye-opening election audits over the course of last year. Some of what we discovered casts new light on the 2020 Election—not that we weren’t aware of it already. States like Arizona revealed shocking attempts to undermine our elections. But the revelations are far from over.

Other states started efforts to protect their elections. We all know about how much heat Georgia took for simply securing their election systems. Democrats tried to boycott the state, so they could strong arm them into revoking much-needed reforms. But in another state, they already had a scheme underway that could overturn any election.

An audit of Texas voter rolls identified nearly 12,000 non-citizens suspected of illegally registering to vote and nearly 600 cases in which ballots may have been cast in the name of a dead resident or by a voter who may also have voted in another state.

Texas Secretary of State John Scott released the findings of the first phase of his audit on the last day of 2021, announcing 224,585 deceased residents were removed from state voters rolls as a result of the review.

Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified as being registered to cast ballots, with the lion’s share located in the counties around Texas two largest cities of Houston and Dallas. It is illegal for foreigners to vote in Texas elections. [Source: Just the News]

Back in 2018, Democrats made a big stink over how close Francis “Beto” O’Rourke got to beating Ted Cruz for Senate. Now we know he probably got help from 12,000 fraudulent voters and perhaps from over 200,000 dead voters. This audit revealed a shocking level of voter registration fraud, in one of America’s biggest conservative states.

In Texas (as in the rest of the country) it is illegal for a non-citizen to vote. Many blue states try to circumvent this inconvenient law by refusing to require ID for voting. But in Texas, as in many other states, identification is required to prove your identity. With this many non-Americans registered, however, it suggests that some counties were not doing their job.

This report does not indicate whether these non-citizens, as well as those dead voters, actually voted in recent elections. (Since ballots are eventually destroyed, there is no way of knowing.) But 12,000 votes is more than enough to sway an election, even a presidential election. And 200,000+ dead voters on the rolls? That is easily enough votes (if used) to flip a state from red to blue.

It’s troubling that this has been discovered, but it raises the alarm for the rest of the country. If this can happen in Texas—which has strong election laws—it can happen anywhere. Can we trust the outcome of any election, if these kinds of audits aren’t being done? When can we hear from the rest of the country, about the possible non-Americans on their rolls?

I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Author: Peter Smith