Mainstream Media’s Biggest Lie About Trump Just Got Debunked

The Washington Post has backtracked after they were caught misquoting President Trump.

The Post stealthily released a correction last week, after a recording of Trump speaking with Frances Watson, the Georgia Secretary of State’s chief investigator, was given to the public.

That correction was put at the top of the original article. It clearly reads that Trump never asked the official to “find fraud,” or says she would be a national hero if she did.

Instead, President Trump can be heard expressing his concerns about ballot signatures being falsified, and pushing Watson to check for possible fraud.

“Hopefully this will show, if you go back years you’re going to see it’s a completely different signature,” President Trump said.

The AP was the first news agency to release the recording, which was supposedly found in Watson’s trash folder on her computer.

Despite the correction, other outlets that ran the story have not yet redacted the untrue quotes attributed to Trump.

CNN came close to redacting their story when they posted an editor’s note saying they had “paraphrased” Trump’s comments.