Mainstream Media In Disaster Mode After What This Doctor Just Said

CNN anchor Don Lemon has attempted to help out Dr. Sanjay Gupta after his terrible interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, where Rogan got Gupta to admit that CNN mislead its viewers when it labeled Ivermectin as being “horse de-wormer” when Joe Rogan was diagnosed with coronavirus.

In the online interview, Rogan pushed Gupta for why CNN would report that Ivermectin was “horse de-wormer” when there was a human version being used for legitimate reasons. Gupta said he didn’t know why the network had done it and he did not question it.

“Listen, I believe it’s also very important, I know it is somewhat a tongue-in-cheek interview since it is Joe Rogan and there is lots — you are jockeying around. But he did claim something concerning Ivermectin that I believe was not actually right about CNN and lying. Ivermectin is in fact a drug which is commonly used in the de-worming of horses. So, it was not a lie to say that this drug is used like a horse de-wormer. I believe that is important. And the drug is not approved for COVID. Right?” Lemon asked.

“That is correct. That’s right,” Gupta said. “It’s not approved for coronavirus. And you are right, I mean, the FDA even put out a comment, saying, you know, basically reminding Americans — it was a strange type of message from the U.S. FDA, but that said, ‘You are not a horse, so stop taking this stuff,’ is basically what they said, in reference to Ivermectin.”

“When Joe Biden got sick, he took Ivermectin. He also had monoclonal antibodies, which is the infusion of these antibodies. So, Biden took both of them. It is very possible it was his monoclonal antibodies that made him get better so fast,” Gupta said.

Before the interview ended, Lemon said to Gupta “you held your ground, though. It was a good interview.”

Joe Rogan has long been a very public and popular critic of the covid-19 narrative. With liberal employees at Spotify demanding his podcast be removed from the website. A demand that was never met as his show picks up even more listeners.

Author: Blake Ambrose