MAGA Republicans’ Plans To Get Even With Pelosi Interrupted By Guess Who

A group of House GOP agreed they would like to maintain the January 6 commission in play if they get back the majority in the midterms, saying this week they will use it to ask Dems crucial questions the Republican party was not able to push them over.

The Daily Caller first got a memo, led by North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn and also signed by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs. Meanwhile, other House GOP members have already showed skepticism about keeping the January 6 commission, like Congressmen Dan Crenshaw, Drew Ferguson and Ken Buck, as reported by Politico.

“There won’t be one,” Ferguson said to Politico.

“I don’t think it would be named the Jan. 6 committee,” Buck stated.

“I am probably in the group of: Just allow it all to go away. I do not want to waste any time with it anymore,” Crenshaw said to the news outlet.

Other GOP members like Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis and Indiana Congressman Jim Banks said the choice really comes down to the Kevin McCarthy, who is the current House Minority Leader.

“Look, it will depend upon what McCarthy would like to do,” Davis said to Politico.

“When GOP members are in the majority, and McCarthy is the House speaker, that is probably a conversation for some other time,” Banks stated. “I am not aware of what his plans are.”

Cawthorn told reporters in Jan. that GOP members should keep the January 6th commission if they take the House back. In this week’s memo, he, Biggs and Gohmert spoke about Ray Epps, whom the January 6 committee said in Jan. that they had spoke to. The three lawmakers also stated that they wanted to ask what Pelosi knew of the Capitol hill grounds before January 6.

“The Committee has talked to Epps. Epps has informed us that he does not work with, or work under the direction of any police agency on January 5th or 6th or any time, and that he has never informed for the FBI or any police agency,” a tweet from the January 6 committee stated, saying that he was listed the FBI Wanted website and then removed without being charged.

Author: Steven Sinclaire