MAGA-Americans Just Got The Ultimate Overnight Victory

All 22 of the Trump candidates in Indiana and Ohio completed a clean sweep of this week’s primaries, indicating the power of a Trump endorsement is as strong as it has ever been.

Brian Jack, a former White House political director exclusively tells Breitbart News:

“What we witnessed in Texas just last month was confirmed yet again tonight: the President’s endorsement is the most crucial one in politics. His backed candidates have gone 55-0 in primary battles this year, continuing a long streak of success that began when he was at the White House.”

J.D. Vance’s victory in the crowded Senate primary in Ohio is good news for other Trump-endorsed candidates, and it could foretell similar results in additional races across the country. Vance’s triumph was remarkable given his ability to overcome a fiercely competitive senate field with three other individuals who sought Trump’s endorsement, as well as being targeted by the GOP establishment and financial elite.

On April 15, after receiving Trump’s endorsement, Vance, who wrote the best-selling book Hillbilly Elegy, saw his poll numbers rise considerably. Following Trump’s endorsement, Vance was polling around ten percent in fifth place, according to Trump’s team. He won with 32% of the vote on Tuesday.

The Trump-backed Republican Max Miller won the GOP nomination for the 7th Congressional District. His opponent, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Gonzalez refused to resign his seat after Ohio’s Republican Party urged him to do so. “The committee claimed that their demand was against ‘the unconstitutional, political impeachment process against Trump,’” Breitbart News reported.

“RINO Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, who has badly represented his wonderful state of Ohio, has announced his decision to retire after a horrendous loss in popularity, of which he had little, as a result of his ill-thought-out and otherwise very dumb impeachment vote,” Trump stated at the time.

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert was the winner of the 13th District’s Republican nomination, edging out six other hopefuls. Emilia Sykes will face Madison Gesiotto Gilbert in November. The seat is held by outgoing Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan, who won the Democratic Senate nod on Tuesday and will compete against J.D. Vance in November.

Author: Scott Dowdy